Shane Rattenbury Admits He Has Not Seen Light Rail Cost Benefit Analysis

Eight months after a Labor/Green Government was formed on the basis of delivering light rail, Shane Rattenbury admitted he had not seen the complete cost benefit analysis for the project, said Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe.

“The Government has a duty to release the basis of their decision to commit to spending $614 million dollars of taxpayers’ money (p 9, Gungahlin to City Transit Corridor, Update 3, September 2012),” Mr Coe said today.

“If not even a member of the Light Rail sub-committee of Cabinet has seen the complete cost benefit analysis, their decision making could be perceived as negligent.

“The onus is on the Government to explain the details of their largest infrastructure project ever. So far, the Government’s management of the light rail project has been appalling and must improve as a matter of urgency,” Mr Coe concluded.