Shocking Truth On ED Waiting Times

ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher was forced today to table the shocking truth about the deceit perpetrated on Canberrans in regard to how long they are waiting in their emergency departments.

“Canberrans knew that over the last few years that they were waiting longer than ever in the emergency department for treatment,” ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Now it has been confirmed that they are waiting far longer than we thought, and far longer than anywhere else in the country.

Ms Gallagher was forced to correct thousands of patient records after widespread manipulation of data by a senior Health official was revealed earlier this year. This incorrect data on waiting times was used in a number of reports and statements by the Minister, and was revealed to be based on falsified records.

“These corrected reports show that Canberrans presenting to their emergency department for urgent or semi-urgent treatment have less than a 50 per cent chance of being seen within a clinically appropriate time.”

“Under this Health Minister, we have seen one of the greatest deceits in ACT history, and I will continue to hold her to account on this failing system. The release today of the corrected waiting times confirms that Ms Gallagher cannot be trusted to manage Canberra’s health system,” Mr Hanson concluded.