After almost two decades of Labor/Greens misgovernment in Canberra a change of Government is desperately needed.

The Canberra Liberals want to create an affordable, livable and safe city. A city where people can afford to buy or rent a house. A city where taxpayers aren’t taken for granted or subject to ever increasing taxes and charges that many simply can’t afford to pay. A city where our doctors, nurses, teachers, police and emergency service officers are empowered and entrusted to do what they do best and deliver the highest health, educational and safety outcomes in Australia. A city that is the best place in Australia to set up and run a small business.

We believe that Canberra needs a Government where politicians and public officials act with the utmost integrity and where Government is transparent and accountable. A Government that respects all Canberrans and where people should have the freedoms of belief, speech and association.

Ultimately, we want a Government that focuses on the core business of Government and gets out of the way of people wanting to live their lives.

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