Smyth Fights For Accurate Budget Papers

Following recommendations by the Select Committee on Estimates on Tuesday, ACT Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth will today move a motion calling on the Government to:

  • Advise the Assembly of the financial impact of the recent ICRC water and sewage price determinations, which means up to $100 million will disappear from the Budget
  • Make publically available all documents used as a foundation to proceed with the light rail project, which is expected to cost over $600 million
  • Release modelling of its tax reform rates increases, which are on track to triple in about 11 years, and
  • Present an amended Budget that is accurate and correct

“This is a new low for the Chief Minister, whose central theme for her administration was her pledge for an open government that included transparency, participation, and collaboration,” Mr Smyth said.

“What we have instead is a budget that we know is just not accurate. It is a simple fact that the numbers in this budget are wrong, and many more are unknown, including the Government’s plans for rates increases, the impact of the loss of ACTEW dividends, and cost impacts on taxpayers of the light rail project.

“We are simply asking that the budget be accurate. We have discovered that this Budget is far from anything like accurate.

“It is absolutely irresponsible to support a Budget that is tantamount to writing a blank cheque for a bodgy budget,” Mr Smyth concluded.