Sports ground closures impact footy finals

Football teams are reportedly being prohibited from booking pre-finals training sessions at local sports grounds due to annual maintenance work, Shadow Sports Minister James Milligan said.
Every year the ACT government closes all irrigated sports grounds for two weeks for maintenance. The shutdown period is supposed to allow for repairs and provide a break for sportsgrounds after a busy winter season.
“It’s pretty poor that the government would prohibit local footy teams from using sports grounds right before footy finals,” Mr Milligan said.
“Local football teams train really hard, and now the government is pulling the rug out from under their feet right before all their hard work pays off.
“It has been put to me that some football clubs are being turned away even after they have gone to lengths to demonstrate their case.
“They are being told to find an alternative non-government owned asset and have even been advised by authorities to find alternatives interstate.
“This is madness. How are our local teams meant to remain competitive if they can’t train and prepare for finals?
“The Minister should grant local teams competing in the finals access to a suitable sports ground in their local area to conduct pre-finals training,” Mr Milligan concluded.