New information reveals that Sports Minister Yvette Berry failed to initiate a feasibility study into a Gungahlin indoor sports centre, despite claiming in February that the study was underway, Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation James Milligan said today.
Minister Berry wrote to Mr Milligan that the feasibility study would now only commence later in the year, depending on budgetary processes, and be completed in 2018.
In the same letter she attempted to divert attention from the stalled feasibility study to a commercially operated indoor sporting facility in Nicholls that will ‘shortly open’ as a viable alternative for a sports facility in the Gungahlin region.
“Whether this is a case of misinformation or something more deliberate, I find it concerning that the Sports Minister would report to the Assembly that a feasibility study was ongoing when in fact it was not,” Mr Milligan said.
“Instead of writing to apologise for her mistake, Minister Berry suggested a derelict site where development has been stalled for the past two years as a viable alternative for the Gungahlin sporting community.
“The ongoing failure to initiate a feasibility study, to inaccurately report on its status and then to divert attention from her error to a derelict construction zone as an adequate sporting facility is concerning.
“I find this to be a poor attempt on the Minister’s behalf to fulfil her ministerial duties as Sports Minister,” Mr Milligan concluded.