Standard and Poor’s say Labor can’t deliver

International ratings agency Standard and Poor’s has issued a pointed statement saying that a re-elected Labor-Green Government will fail to deliver 20 per cent of its promised infrastructure projects.

This follows years of blowouts and delays on major government projects in the ACT.

“This strong statement from a highly respected international ratings agency demonstrates that Labor’s promises must be taken with a grain of salt,” Vicki Dunne MLA said today.

“If it wasn’t bad enough that they still haven’t even turned the first sod on SPIRE, more than a decade after it was first promised, there are now serious questions over whether Mr Barr can deliver what was included in his lacklustre economic statement.

“Labor always overpromises and underdelivers. “This tired old government has clearly lost its way and is unable to deliver for the people of Canberra.

“There is a better way,” Mrs Dunne said.