Statement on the interim report into Workplace Culture in ACT Health

This is Labor’s legacy.
This is a terribly sick system that has been created by the neglect and incompetence of successive Labor governments.
The Canberra Liberals and others were right to press for a Board of Inquiry to investigate allegations of bullying and harassment in ACT Health, supported by peak medical bodies.
Doctors, nurses, midwives and hospital staff have all spoken out against Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris and Mental Health Minister Shane Rattenbury’s toxic system.
The Labor-Greens ministers’ ongoing response was to attack everyone’s credibility but their own.
Eventually, they caved to a groundswell of pressure and instigated this review.
I thank the independent panel members for their dedicated work thus far. It is clear that this has been a troubling journey for them, listening to stories of abuse, bullying and harassment.
I thank every witness who had the courage to make a submission and fight for a better system.
I remain deeply concerned that victims will be denied the opportunity for reconciliation and closure.
Victims need protection, justice and closure, and perpetrators need to be held to account.
To that end, it remains my firm view that there must be a Board of Inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission into the health system.