Statement regarding damning report by Inspector of Correctional Services

It is now evident that the Alexander Maconochie Centre is an anti-human rights prison.

Treating remandees as convicted prisoners is in contravention of accepted human rights principles as well as section 44 of the Corrections Management Act 2007. This undermines a fundamental principle in the rule of law – the presumption of innocence.

By unequivocally ruling out any future expansion of the prison to house its rapidly growing population, Mr Rattenbury is admitting the Labor-Greens Government will continue to oversee the mistreatment of remandees.

The mistreatment of women, particularly female remandees, must be condemned.

I share the Inspector’s concern that accommodating women who may have been victims of physical and sexual abuse so close to men convicted for these very crimes increases the possibility of re-traumatisation.

Detaining women in cellblocks designed for men may also impact their ability to access certain facilities and programs essential for their rehabilitation.

The Labor-Greens Government must held to account for its anti-human rights jail.