Statement regarding violence against teachers in ACT public schools

Violence against teachers in Canberra schools is unacceptable.

The Labor government’s failure to keep our teachers safe is inexcusable and must be condemned.

By breaching its legal responsibilities to ensure teachers are safe, the Labor government has shown a remarkable disregard and disrespect for the profession and has essentially allowed teachers to come to harm.

Education Minister Yvette Berry’s claim that her government is leading the nation on this issue is insulting and insensitive. Canberra teachers face unique challenges and difficulties in the classroom and it is clear that the systemic issues within the Education Directorate stem from a failure of leadership from Minister Berry.

Minister Berry should apologise to teachers on behalf of the ACT government and demonstrate her firm commitment to keeping them safe.

I respect and honour Canberra teachers who continue to educate our children with professionalism despite tough circumstances and lack of support from this government.

I thank WorkSafe ACT for taking very serious action on this very serious matter. The Canberra Liberals will maintain the pressure on the Minister to ensure the safety of all Canberra teachers.