Stimulus measures still leave jobs and businesses vulnerable

The ACT Government’s stimulus measures do not reflect the urgency of this situation for many Canberra families.

This week I have spoken with many employers and met with several representatives of the tourism, hospitality, construction, property and events industries, as well as key business groups and community clubs. Sadly, some businesses have already closed, and jobs have been lost.

This is an extraordinarily difficult time for small businesses who are struggling to keep their doors open and staff employed. The time for the ACT Government to act is now.

A number of the measures announced today will not come into effect until later this year. A $150 rates rebate will not arrive in wallets until August or September. There is little detail about what assistance will be provided to renters. Help is needed now for many households.

Now is the time to boost business and consumer confidence, establish certainty, make quick decisions, commit to strategic spending and create new opportunities.

The Canberra Liberals call on the ACT Government to act with greater urgency and compassion.