Stop Pouring Diesel On Canberra Sports Grounds: Doszpot

The ACT Government must ensure safety for Canberra’s junior sports people and stop marking lines with diesel on ACT sportsgrounds, Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation Steve Doszpot said today.

“The practice of using diesel to mark out grounds is causing dangerous furrows on scores of local fields across the ACT, and it’s affecting a range of junior sports from the football codes to softball,” Mr Doszpot said.

“Numerous junior sporting clubs have voiced their concerns to me about the marking of lines with diesel because it’s causing major damage to sports grounds and immediately heightens the risk of player injury by creating an uneven playing surface.

“The ACT Government is short sighted claiming it’s too expensive to mark grounds with white paint. These fields will require extensive work when the diesel damage becomes too great. Also, how can it be too much to pay to ensure player safety and parents’ peace of mind when their kids take to Canberra grounds on weekends?

“I’ve been assured diesel marking isn’t recommended by authorities in NSW, where white line paint is the preferred method for lines on sports fields. Why does it have to continue in the ACT?

“For the sake of safety in junior sport, the ACT Government must stop pouring diesel on Canberra sports grounds,” Mr Doszpot concluded.