The government needs to provide clarity about when a new group centre will be built for the new Molonglo Valley as the growing population puts parking strain on the Cooleman Court centre in Weston Creek, Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said today.

“As the new Molonglo area expands, residents from both the Molonglo Valley and Weston Creek are using Cooleman Court as their main shopping and services hub, making parking difficult in the area,” Mrs Jones said.

“Once complete, the Molonglo Valley will have an estimated population of 55,000, yet residents in these new suburbs don’t know when they can expect their new shopping centre or what services will be available to them.

“The Barr government has a habit of hiding behind the fact that they have produced masterplan work towards providing genuine suburban amenities for new suburbs.

“In Amaroo it’s taken almost 20 years for a group centre to be built. Will the residents Wright and Coombs have to wait until 2036 before they get shops?

“Group centres have a big impact on the look, feel and function of a community, and the Government needs to let us know when the community of Molonglo will have their group centre.

“The Barr Government is becoming less and less transparent about the processes and the decisions surrounding the development of new suburbs in our city,” Mrs Jones concluded.