Stranded commuters want Canberra’s bus route restored

Stranded residents and commuters have voiced their concerns with the government’s recent changes to Canberra’s bus routes, frustrated that the changes were made without warning, Member for Kurrajong Elizabeth Lee said today.

In October last year, the Labor-Greens government changed Canberra’s bus routes without consulting residents and commuters, with the new routes servicing fewer areas.

Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly, Ms Lee will call on the Labor Party and the Greens to support a review into the effectiveness of the new bus routes to assess its patronage and efficiency. She will also call on the ACT government to reverse the changes if the review finds the new routes do not work.

“The new bus routes are a disappointment to the community,” Ms Lee said.

“I have been inundated with complaints from residents, particularly in the Inner South, many of them elderly, who are now left with less options to get around Canberra than ever before.

“Other complaints surround the lack of consultation with commuters who use public buses every day, and scant detail about where the new bus routes will go and where they will stop.

“But it’s not just people in the Inner South that have been affected. Canberrans from the Belconnen, Weston Creek and Gungahlin areas have also voiced similar complaints since the changes came into effect.

“For a government that boasts about prioritising accessible public transport for all Canberrans, this is very poor form,” Ms Lee concluded.