Successful Trade Support Loan applications hit 645 in the ACT

The number of Australian apprentices supported through the Turnbull Government’s Trade Support Loans has doubled in the past year, with 645 apprentices accessing loans across Canberra, Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja said today.

“The large number of applicants from the ACT shows that the programme is a vital helping hand for local apprentices seeking to complete trade qualifications,” Senator Seselja said.

“Our Trade Support Loans programme has allowed these apprentices to access financial assistance while completing their training.

“Apprenticeships are vital to boosting the nation’s skilled workforce. Apprenticeships are delivering opportunities for young people entering the workforce and for those looking for a career change.”

The Trade Support Loans programme offers loans of up to $20,000 to help apprentices cover day-to-day expenses associated with living, learning and completing an apprenticeship. Trade Support Loans can also be used by apprentices to purchase necessary equipment for their chosen trade. The objective of the programme is to encourage and assist apprentices to complete their training in key sectors of the economy where there are real skill shortages.

“It is important we give apprentices the best chance to complete their trade qualification. The Turnbull Government is committed to supporting apprentices in the ACT and across the nation,” said Senator Seselja.

As an additional incentive, the Trade Support Loans programme rewards those who successfully complete their apprenticeship by giving them a 20 per cent discount on their loan amount.

“I urge apprentices in Canberra in need of a helping hand to apply for a Trade Support Loan today,” Senator Seselja concluded.