Successive Labor governments have failed Canberra students

An analysis of NAPLAN data broken down into metropolitan areas shows Canberra students have fallen behind NSW and Victoria. When comparing the results of students with university educated parents, the results fell further. In numeracy, ACT students fell from the highest in the country to below average.
“According to this analysis, the performance of ACT students in writing and numeracy has dived over the past decade,” Shadow Education Minister Elizabeth Lee said.
“This latest analysis of NAPLAN data in ACT schools echoes previous reports which should all ring alarm bells for the current Labor Education Minister Yvette Berry.
“Under successive Labor governments Canberra has lost its position as an academic leader.
“We will continue to lose our academic edge unless the Minister implements some serious reforms to turn this ship around.
“I’m not convinced that the Minister or her Labor colleagues have the appetite or the capacity to provide a world-class education for our children.
“This is clear in the Minister’s dogged determination to bury NAPLAN – a clear indictment of her government’s performance – rather than seeking to use it as a diagnostic tool for achieving excellence in our schools.
“Labor needs to come back to the basics in education. We need a teacher-led, student-focused education system that teaches our students the fundamentals in numeracy and literacy, equips our students with the skills of the future in the pursuit of excellence,” Ms Lee concluded.