I’m pleased the ACT government has voiced support for the Canberra Liberals vision to allow autonomous vehicle trials, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“Autonomous vehicles will be a big part of the transport landscape in the future and the Canberra Liberals believe we can lead the way in the ACT. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like Andrew Barr will support my specific legislation to allow and encourage trials in Canberra,” Mr Coe said.

“We brought the legislation forward to encourage the discussion, because Canberra has already been identified as an excellent location to trial autonomous vehicles with its diverse road network and dispersed population. The bill was based on similar legislation enacted in South Australia and some parts of the United States.

“The technology of autonomous vehicles is developing quickly and there’s a huge amount of investment worldwide from a range of technology and motor companies in this space.

“The trial of autonomous vehicles is the type of innovation Canberra should be excited about as we look to future transport solutions.

“Regardless of whether trials come about through my legislation or through a government designed package I look forward to autonomous vehicles in Canberra,” Mr Coe concluded.