Taxpayer-funded controversial deal questioned

Paying for a controversial arrangement between the Labor government and Unions ACT with taxpayers’ money is questionable.

The 2018-19 ACT Budget confirmed ACT Labor will commit $3.362 million in taxpayers’ money to enforce the controversial Local Jobs Code.

The Local Jobs Code gives trade unions unprecedented power over government procurement contracts.

Shadow Minister for Business and Employment Andrew Wall will address the integrity of this deal in Estimates hearings today.

“I question the integrity of this arrangement and whether it is an ethical use of public money,” Mr Wall said.

“Should Canberrans pay for an unprecedented deal that discriminates against, and will ultimately harm Canberra workers and businesses?

“The taxpayer-funded arrangement essentially gives certain unions and related entities unchecked power to discriminate against businesses as they see fit, giving the tick and flick to who can work on what.

“When we’re talking about millions of dollars in government contracts, you can see how a controversial deal like this can go horribly wrong.

“Plain and simple, Unions ACT should not have the final say on who will win multimillion dollar government procurement contracts.

“We need to be very cautious of any deal that puts a union-led agenda ahead of the rights of the community, especially when done so with public money.”