Tertiary Education Hardest Hit In Canberra

ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot is appalled at the news that the ANU is likely to lose $50 million in budget cuts over the next two years and not the $13 million initially thought. This is a massive hit to Canberra’s higher education sector.

“The Federal Government’s decision to slash $2.3 billion from universities to help pay for the Gonski reform will be a double whammy for Canberra,” said Mr Doszpot.

“University students make up nearly 10% of Canberra’s population. We have several major universities and each of them will be required to cut their costs and reduce their services in order to meet the financial cutbacks.

“The Chief Minister has already acknowledged there is no pot of gold for Canberra schools under Gonski funding because we are, by and large, above the national school resource standard.

“What she has failed to realise is that our tertiary sector will be hit hard to fund Gonski and this will all have a negative impact on Canberra’s education sector and community.

“In the Assembly earlier this week, I highlighted the challenges ahead and urged the Chief Minister to negotiate harder for a better deal for Canberra’s education sector. However, the Chief Minister appeared to simply ignore the impact of these cuts.

“I call on the Chief Minister to tell us what the real cuts are for the University of Canberra, and strengthen her efforts to get a better deal for all of Canberra’s education sectors,” concluded Mr Doszpot.