The ACT greyhound racing industry has served the Canberra community for 37 years providing a well controlled sporting and leisure activity without an animal welfare breach. The industry claims some 400 participants from the ACT and about 50 people depend directly or indirectly on it for their livelihoods, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing, Mark Parton said today.

“The Labor-Greens Government is going to arbitrarily and unjustly condemn a legitimate and long-standing ACT sporting industry without any evidence or charges of wrongdoing,” Mr Parton said.

“It will be victimised on the basis of prejudice and ignorance alone.

“The ACT greyhound racing industry has contributed to the diversity of leisure and sporting pursuits in the Canberra community for many years now. There is no record or evidence of any breaches committed or charges laid against the Canberra greyhound racing club. Even a former Minister has been reported as saying there is nothing wrong.

“The ACT industry is strongly regulated and maintains standards of animal welfare with its code of conduct, operations and activities transparent to the public.

“It is bewildering to think this Canberra sporting industry will be denied natural justice and condemned for no good reason. I call on this government not to take any action that will penalise or impair this valued industry.

“It deserves a fair go and should be given a fair go,” Mr Parton concluded.