The Canberra Liberal’s new shadow ministry announced

Opposition Leader Alistair Coe today announced the Canberra Liberals’ new shadow ministry.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to making our city a safe and prosperous community for everyone,” Mr Coe said.

“Since the 2016 election the Canberra Liberals have been committed to exposing the government’s failures across a wide range of issues.

“The role of the Opposition is not only to criticise but also to propose alternative ideas and policies that can improve the quality of public services and efficiency in delivering those services.

“The reallocation of portfolios I am announcing today will see a sharp focus by the Canberra Liberals on major policy areas that affect the lives of every Canberran.

“Deputy Leader Nicole Lawder, will take on the portfolio of Urban Services, following the death of our friend and colleague, Steve Doszpot. This is the portfolio responsible for many core local government functions and I know that Nicole will carry on Steve’s good work.

“Nicole’s current portfolio of Planning and Infrastructure will be split, with Mark Parton adding Planning to his existing, closely related, Housing portfolio. I will take on Infrastructure as part of my Shadow Treasurer’s oversight of capital works.

“Andrew Wall’s new portfolios of Business and Employment, Higher Education and Training, and Tourism will allow a stronger focus on these vital drivers of the ACT economy.

“Elizabeth Lee will add Education to her existing portfolios. The Education portfolio will be dedicated to our primary and secondary schools, where standards in English, mathematics and science have declined so much over many years.

“The new member of the Canberra Liberals, Candice Burch, will take on my former portfolio of Transport as well as a new portfolio of Public Sector Management. Both portfolios will make good use of her experience in the Commonwealth Department of Finance. The Public Sector Management portfolio will include whole of service issues such as office accommodation, insurance and recruitment.

“Finally, I have added Innovation to my portfolios to make clear the Canberra Liberals’ commitment to promoting innovation in Canberra, in particular in business and in the ACT government’s provision of key public services such as education, transport, planning and urban services.

“The Canberra Liberals are a team with diverse backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge and experience. We look forward to serving the people of Canberra,” Mr Coe concluded.

New Shadow Ministry:

Alistair Coe MLA Leader of the Opposition


Economic Development


Nicole Lawder MLA Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Urban Services



Andrew Wall MLA Opposition Whip

Business and Employment

Higher Education and Training


Candice Burch MLA Transport

Public Sector Management

Vicki Dunne MLA Health


Jeremy Hanson MLA Attorney-General

Veterans’ Affairs

Giulia Jones MLA Police and Emergency Services



Elizabeth Kikkert MLA Families, Youth and Community Services

Multicultural Affairs

Elizabeth Lee MLA Education



James Milligan MLA Indigenous Affairs

Sport and Recreation

Mark Parton MLA Planning


Gaming and Racing