There is a better way

After 19 years in office, this long-serving government cannot break out of the same tired-old thinking.
As a result, Canberrans have been left with some of the worst performing health and education services in the nation, and life is a struggle for too many families.
Despite taxes being at record highs, services are at record lows.
Labor and the Greens are focused on the wrong priorities, just look at their track record:

* Taxes and rates have been raised to record highs, and continue to go up
* Hospital waiting times are the worst in the country
* Our school kids’ reading and mathematics results are going backwards
* More than 750 bus stops have been closed and 52 ACT primary schools have been left without dedicated school bus services
After 19 years of a Labor Government, families will be faced with another four years of higher taxes, declining services and more cost of living hikes if Labor is re-elected.
There is a better way.
The Canberra Liberals have a plan to make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family.
We have a clear vision to future-proof Canberra by delivering real and practical solutions.
We have a strong plan to protect our unique environment to ensure we have a sustainable future for all. Our immediate focus must be the recovery and rehabilitation of our native plants and trees, and wildlife populations.
Our plan will reduce cost of living pressures on families and improve the frontline services that they depend on.
Canberrans don’t need more of the same. There is a better way.