Thousands of Canberra commuters call for better bus network

Thousands of Canberra commuters are calling on the Labor-Greens Government to fix the problems they have created with recent overhaul of the bus network, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly, Miss Burch will move to refer several petitions with more than 7,000 signatures to an Assembly committee for urgent inquiry.
“All Canberrans should have safe, dignified and convenient access to public transport,” Miss Burch said.
“The reality is, thousands of public transport users right across Canberra are seriously disadvantaged by the upheaval of the network.
“Many commuters no longer feel safe and are angry that the new network has led to overcrowding, frequent transfers and unrealistic travel times.
“The removal of many bus stops has meant elderly Canberrans, or people with disabilities are disadvantaged by longer walks.
“It is time for the Government to genuinely listen to the thousands of Canberrans who have been negatively affected by the changes,” Miss Burch said.
Local primary schools across the ACT have also signed their disapproval.
“Students and their families have struggled with the new network for the past five weeks and will continue to struggle unless this government reaches out and fixes what they broke,” Miss Burch said.
“Thousands of Canberrans have realised that Labor and the Greens do not understand the needs of working families.
“Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris should acknowledge the inherent disadvantage in the system and provide safe, dignified and convenient bus services to schools and community centres,” Miss Burch said.