Today Andrew Barr has his chance to tell the truth about what happened between Joy Burch’s office and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) that led to her resignation, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“When the police investigation into the alleged leaking of information from former police minister Joy Burch’s office to the CFMEU was wrapped up last month, the Chief Police Officer (CPO) raised serious concerns about the handling of sensitive police information. He also confirmed that not one, but two ministerial staffers were involved,” Mr Hanson said.

“Subsequently the CPO stated that there had been ‘ongoing releases of sensitive information’ and that it was ‘sensitive police operational information’. Furthermore, a former staffer reportedly claimed police were ‘taking down’ a government minister and senior staff.

“Last year Attorney General Simon Corbell promised a broader conversation about the circumstances of the affair once the police investigation concluded. So far the government has failed on that, but today is the government’s chance.

“Unresolved questions that I’ll be pushing for answers on in the Assembly today include:

 What police information was leaked, how and to whom?

 How did the Ministerial staffers receive the sensitive police information?

 What happened to the information, how was it used, and by whom?

 When was the information leaked and when did the Chief Minister become aware of the leak?

 Was the second ALP staffer who was involved employed in Ms Burch’s office or another Minister’s office, and is that staffer still working for a government member?


“Andrew Barr has been trying to sweep this affair under the carpet, but the Canberra Liberals regard the alleged sharing of sensitive and confidential government information to external parties as a serious matter. The Chief Minister needs to answer these questions today for everyone concerned,” Mr Hanson concluded.