Canberrans should be very worried about reports in today’s media that highlight Andrew Barr’s Government has been considering a levy or tax to pay for trams. Make no mistake, if Labor and the Greens are re-elected next week, the likelihood of a direct tax on Canberrans to pay for $14 billion of trams is real, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“The value capture report that Andrew Barr has tried to keep secret from Canberrans reveals the way that ACT Labor and the Greens will fund trams going forward. Mr Barr knows a tram tax is toxic and unfair for Canberrans, which is why he’s previously blocked the release of the report,” Mr Coe said.

“The fact is that Labor and the Greens have committed to $14 billion of trams. They have to be paid for somehow, and Andrew Barr has been discussing a tram tax as a way.

“Even Canberrans, who live nowhere near trams, could be forced to fork out huge amounts each year to fund them.

“Voters need to be aware of this risk ahead of next week’s election. The only way for Canberrans to ensure there is no tram tax, is to vote for the Canberra Liberals,” Mr Coe concluded.