Tri-partisan Report Says Government Should Apologise

A tri-partisan Public Accounts Committee report into the emergency department data scandal released today has confirmed the systemic errors and cultural problems that have been created under the ACT Labor Government’s mismanagement of The Canberra Hospital. ACT Shadow Health Minister Jeremy Hanson said today that the report, which was cleared by John Hargreaves, has found that there is more to the data manipulation scandal than just ‘about data and data systems.’

“The report has revealed a number of recommendations including that the government needs to review the adequacy of controls of IT systems and security of patient records,” Mr Hanson said today.

“The fact that the Committee has also recommended that the government should conduct a review into the organisational culture at The Canberra Hospital does confirm the sick culture that forced the executive to alter the data in the first place.

“On top of this advice the Committee has recommended that the Government should issue a public apology for failing to protect the privacy of the executive that altered that emergency department data.

“Katy Gallagher has led Canberra’s health system to become the worst in the country, has overseen a sick system which led to the mass falsification of health records, and has kept Canberrans in the dark about her involvement in this most serious scandal.

“This report, cleared by one of ACT Labor’s MLA’s, confirms that Katy Gallagher is not fit to manage ACT Health and adds further evidence to support that she should not remain as Chief Minister,” Mr Hanson concluded.