Tuggeranong residents forced off bus network

ACT Labor and the Greens have no idea what life is like for Tuggeranong residents who have been forced off Canberra’s bus network.
In an ABC radio interview, Transport Minister Chris Steel admitted fewer people in Canberra’s south are using public transport since the upheaval of the bus network.
Liberal Members for Brindabella Nicole Lawder, Mark Parton and Andrew Wall have spoken and met with numerous Tuggeranong residents who are angry at the changes to the network.
Some residents have lost their bus route which they regularly used for more than three decades.
Other residents have health or mobility issues and can no longer safely access a bus stop or manage the extended travel times and frequent transfers.
Ms Lawder, Mr Parton and Mr Wall are hardly surprised that Tuggeranong commuters are no longer catching the bus.
“Labor and the Greens have effectively forced Tuggeranong residents off buses and sent them to the back of the queue,” Ms Lawder said.
“Labor and the Greens are absolutely clueless about what life is like for Tuggeranong residents,” Ms Lawder said.
Mr Wall said that many families on the south side have been forced back in to their car because the new routes are impractical.
“The cancellation of many dedicated school bus routes has also compounded the problems of the new network increasing congestion in peak periods,” Mr Wall said.
Mr Parton said Tuggeranong residents feel like they have been unfairly cut off from the rest of Canberra.
“Elderly residents tell us they feel like they are losing their independence because they can no longer get around freely,” Mr Parton said.
In June this year, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch presented to the Assembly several petitions with more than 7,000 signatures calling for the bus network to be fixed.