Twice as Many Politicians not a Priority

ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson has questioned the outcomes of Katy Gallagher’s reference group report into the size of the ACT Legislative Assembly. Mr Hanson said today that the recommendation to more than double the number of members was not a priority for the community.

“I think that 35 MLAs is a significant increase that would exceed community expectations,” Mr Hanson said.

“Although the recommendation by the reference group to double the Assembly is quite surprising, I am not surprised that they have supported exactly what Katy Gallagher wants at the next election, which is an increase of eight more politicians.

“Katy Gallagher’s eagerness to expand the size of the Assembly is based on long standing Labor policy and although the Canberra Liberals will consider the reference group’s paper in some detail, I am in no rush to make a final decision on the size of the Assembly.

“This is a matter of priorities. For example, Katy Gallagher recently rejected the Canberra Liberal’s call to improve access to justice by appointing a fifth Supreme Court judge, and she rejected the Canberra Liberal’s call to establish a school for young children with autism. Katy Gallagher cited the cost of both proposals at the time, but I consider both matters to be of higher importance than more MLAs.

“We will continue to focus on issues that are of real importance to the community, and Katy Gallagher’s push for more politicians is not a high priority,” Mr Hanson concluded.