Union poll confirms: Don’t sign light rail contracts

The light rail poll results released by Unions ACT today clearly shows that Canberrans don’t support Andrew Barr’s plans for Capital Metro, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“According to the Union’s own research, just 38.8 percent of Canberrans support the construction of a light rail system in the ACT. Andrew Barr is clearly out of touch with the wishes of Canberrans,” Mr Coe said.

“The Barr government can no longer claim to have the support of the majority of Canberrans for the light rail project, given the results. The government is losing the argument on light rail and is now simply clinging to the fact that it’s spending a billion dollars as being the benefit. Only by including the promise of 3500 jobs, can they garner even the slightest level of support.

“The truth is there are many ways you could spend a billion dollars in Canberra and a local government has to be very wise in prioritising the projects our city needs.

“Light rail is not wanted by the taxpayers of Canberra and therefore it’s incumbent on the government to respect their views and not sign contracts before the next election,” Mr Coe concluded.