Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe has challenged Andrew Barr not to bow down to Unions ACT and reward the organisation with the more than $1.4 million of taxpayers’ money it has asked for in this year’s ACT Budget.

“This is a real challenge for Andrew Barr. If he continues to fund Unions ACT, it will yet again be on display, the puppet of the organisation that he really is,” Mr Coe said today.

“Unions ACT has made demands with the attitude of an organisation that is running the show in Canberra.

Unions ACT has demanded in this year’s Budget:

 $240,000 per year for two years for a Transient Worker Research Project.

 $291,500 per year for three years for a Student Worker Advice Service.

 $90,000 as a ‘Capacity Grant’.

“This money could do little more than line the coffers of Unions ACT to back the Labor Party during election campaigns.

“There are plenty of other local organisations that would deserve part of or all of the $1.4 million Unions ACT is demanding, and actually create some public good with it.

“I condemn the attitude of Unions ACT demanding taxpayers’ money. Andrew Barr should do the right thing and refuse the body funds in the Budget,” Mr Coe concluded.