Today Education Minister Yvette Berry refused to acknowledge that unions presenting to students and recruiting for members in ACT public schools is inappropriate, Shadow Minister for Education Andrew Wall said today.

“It has been suggested to me that unions have had access to ACT public schools on a regular basis, even going so far as to hand out membership forms and other propaganda material on some occasions,” Mr Wall said.

“The Minister and her Labor Government refused to acknowledge that the presence of unions in schools could be seen as inappropriate by some families and could be seen as having a political motivation given the ideological ties that bind the ALP and the union movement.

“Ms Berry was also unable to rule out that unions or other organisations are actually being paid to provide these presentations.

“It is one thing for students to learn about the political process, but it is another for political parties or politically motivated organisations to actively try to recruit in schools.

“If these suggestions that have been put to me are true, unions handing out propaganda is an action blatantly crossing the line of what is appropriate regarding political engagement in schools,” Mr Wall concluded.