Reports in today’s media of Unions ACT’s right to veto ACT government contracts further highlights unions’ extraordinary power and influence over Andrew Barr and the ACT Labor government, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) giving unions the right to veto contractors for ACT government work if they don’t comply with unions demands, as well as allowing unions to test whether potential contractors meet union requirements before tenders are let, demonstrates the power they actually have,” Mr Hanson said.

“The MOU states:

Prior to any contract being awarded: The list of tenderers for each contract will be provided to Unions ACT and/or relevant unions as identified by Unions ACT – (4.3 Prior to contract execution I)


ACT Government agencies must decline to award a tender proposal for ACT Government works or services where a tenderer does not provide an undertaking in their submission that it will comply with the relevant obligations as set out in 3.3 of this MOU. – (4. Procurement management)


“The MOU states providers of works and services will ensure they will:

Afford access by union delegates and/or officials to enter a workplace. Afford access to an inspection of the relevant employer records by the union, including the name and address of the employee and the hours worked where permitted by law or industrial agreement – (6. Recognition of employees’ rights to union membership and representation d & e)


“Furthermore the MOU states:

Only providers/performers of works and services who meet the set criteria will be pre-qualified. (4.2 Pre-Qualification c)


“This document again raises the question, who is running the ACT, the CFMEU or Andrew Barr?” Mr Hanson concluded.