Shadow Minister for Local Business and Tourism, Andrew Wall has criticised the ACT Government for hindering the creative ventures of local businesses. A popular cafe, Fox & Bow, located at Farrer Shops has been told by the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) to remove a basketball hoop from its vicinity, Mr Wall said today.

Fox & Bow is a very popular cafe and is visited by many southsiders not just local Farrer residents. The idea behind the basketball hoop was to give parents an opportunity to sit and enjoy a coffee while they watch their children play,” Mr Wall said.

“Andrew Barr has claimed to be supportive of businesses creating fun and exciting ways for the community to engage in their local areas however it seems his government is conflicted between building the ‘coolest little capital’ versus being the fun police.

“The fact that TAMS has told the owners of the cafe to remove to basketball hoop without offering another solution is quite frankly bureaucracy gone mad.

“The owner of the cafe has contacted me and advised that he has made attempts to offer solutions to what may be causing concern regarding the placement of the basketball hoop such as better signage, a traffic mirror or upgraded recreational facilities.

“I’m urging Andrew Barr to intervene in this matter and propose a more community friendly solution rather than allowing the removal of the basketball hoop to go ahead,” Mr Wall concluded.