Wall Supports ‘Youth Homelessness Matters Day’

Shadow Minister for Youth Andrew Wall is lending his support to Youth Homelessness Matters Day and is proud to be an Ambassador for the cause, a national campaign aimed at raising awareness and understanding of youth homelessness in Australia.

“It is alarming that nearly half of the homeless population are under 25 years of age and not all of these people are ‘sleeping rough,’” Mr Wall said today.

“I am particularly concerned about the issue of what could be referred to as the ‘young working homeless’. These are young people who are working but earning minimum wages, and who find it difficult to support themselves due to the high cost of living in the ACT.

“All too often these young people are working but are among the lowest wage earners in our community, these people often find it difficult to support themselves given the high cost of housing in the ACT.

“We need to stop thinking it is simply people living on the streets and draw attention to those who find it difficult to find and retain a permanent place to live and find themselves ‘couch surfing’ or sleeping in their cars.

“Youth Homelessness Matters Day is an important initiative and I am honoured to be an Ambassador for this worthwhile cause,” Mr Wall concluded.

For more information http://www.youthhomelessnessmatters.net