Canberra’s rates are out of control.

In June 2019, the Labor-Greens government announced yet another massive rates increase. In the next 12 months:

  • Rates for houses increase by 7%
  • Rates for unit titled properties increase by 11%
  • Land taxes increase by 11%

“Our rate notices have just been received and the rates have increased by $800 in ONE YEAR. We are retired on a fixed income and like many others will have to cut into our standard of living to pay the bill.”


Labor has tripled your rates

Labor promised that rates wouldn’t triple. But since 2012, rates have tripled – with more increases to come.

Where is all your money going?

Labor now collects a record $7 billion in revenue each year. Canberrans are asking:

  1. How much more they need?
  2. Where is it all going?
$ 0

Labor is making life difficult for many Canberrans

Almost 35,000 Canberrans live below the poverty line, including 9,000 children. The constant rates increases are making it very difficult for many Canberrans. 

“While often hidden by our high average income, poverty and inequality does exist in Canberra. Many Canberra families are in a position of having to forego not only the occasional luxury, but to decide between eating or turning on the heating. Meanwhile, the cost of housing continues to increase, with over a third of low income rental households in the ACT experiencing rental stress.”

Susan Helyar, Director, ACTCOSS

Many others are struggling to make ends meet.

“In the last week we have had water, rate and power. My wife and I get just over $1400.00 from the pension, our total bills comes to $1422.00, how are we expected to live, we cannot afford to turn on the heating anymore, we have just enough money for our food and that’s it. I am having to sell my car because we cant afford to run it.”


Canberra was once an affordable place to raise a family and retire. After 18 years of Labor governments, Canberra now has:

  • Australia's highest rents
  • Australia's highest childcare fees
  • Australia's highest rates of repeat homelessness
  • Australia's highest petrol prices
  • Australia's highest gas prices
  • Australia's highest costs for owning and running a car

The Canberra Liberals will freeze your rates

Canberrans simply cannot afford Labor’s rates rises.  This is why the Canberra Liberals have committed to freeze your rates.  
Your rates will not go up from our first budget and throughout our first term. If we can continue this beyond 2024, we will.
A rates freeze is a big saving to Canberrans, but only a fraction of the government’s budget.

99.5% of the budget will remain to pay for the services Canberrans expect.

Our rates freeze will provide relief to Canberrans and bring back predictability and security to household budgets.

A Canberra Liberals Government will end the rates rip-off. Our Rates Freeze Guarantee means your rates won't go up.

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