The Barr government needs to reinstate the weed management funding cuts from the 2015-16 ACT Budget to address the increasing prevalence of weeds in the ACT’s urban, suburban and rural areas, Shadow Minister for Environment Nicole Lawder said today.

“African lovegrass, serrated tussock, Madagascan fireweed and other types of weeds are impacting on the environment across the ACT. Meanwhile, it seems the ACT’s weeds advisory group hasn’t recently met, further signalling the government is taking its eyes off the ball in regards to weed management,” Ms Lawder said.

“During Legislative Assembly committee hearings earlier this year the Conservation Council stressed weed management as a major concern and that there wasn’t any scientific evidence to support cuts to the weed management budget.

“The Auditor-General’s report into the restoration of the Lower Cotter catchment also highlighted the control of major weeds as a priority.

“Today in the Assembly I will be moving a motion calling on the government to address these issues. Unlike the Barr government, the Canberra Liberals care about proper management of basic services like weed control, instead of directing all of our attention into a $1 billion light rail project,” Ms Lawder concluded.