Welcome backflip on punitive P-plate restrictions

The Canberra Liberals are pleased that the Minister for Road Safety Shane Rattenbury has dropped his proposals for excessive restrictions on young Canberra drivers.
When the Minister announced his plan for a harsh curfew which would ban P-platers from driving between midnight and 5am, the Canberra Liberals warned about its damaging effects on young workers, students and parents.
In August, I moved a motion in the Assembly about how unfair restrictions on P-plate drivers would hurt young people’s ability to hold down employment, and for responsible young people to act as designated drivers.
Despite government backbenchers Mr Chris Steel, Ms Tara Cheyne and Mr Michael Pettersson all indicating that they opposed the P-plater curfew, they failed to support my motion to rule out these restrictions.
I’m pleased that Minister Rattenbury has seen sense and walked away from the unfair and punitive measures he originally proposed.
The Canberra Liberals continue to support common-sense measures to improve safety for young drivers, including minimum driving hours, hazard perception testing and community education.