What’s Really Going On At The Women & Children’s Hospital?

ACT Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Hanson said it is clear that ACT Labor has been hiding the truth about the extent of the problems at this half finished facility, and could not be trusted to conduct a review in to these problems.

“During the election campaign Katy Gallagher continued to argue that there were no issues at the new hospital,” Mr Hanson said today.

“This is despite nurses being under stress due to lack of facilities, new mums being pressured to leave after a few hours, senior obstetricians calling for more beds, the building falling apart with near misses to a baby, emergency codes going unanswered, and the Australian Nursing Federation stating the model of care was flawed.

On 15 November, the Health Minister announced a review in to the facility that was only opened three months ago. There was no indication made on what the terms of reference for the review would be or whether the review would be available to hospital staff or the Canberra community.

“We already know that Ms Gallagher tried to hide the fact she was opening only half the hospital and that is $20million over budget. The question is what else is she hiding?

Mr Hanson’s motion today calls on the ACT Government to provide the terms of reference and a copy of the Report, once completed, to the Assembly.

“The only way we are going to improve facilities at the Women and Children’s Hospital and give young families the services and support they really need is through an open and transparent review,” Mr Hanson concluded.