Whole of government strategy needed to tackle ice in the ACT

The ACT Labor government needs to develop an ‘all of government’ strategy to combat the worsening problems caused by crystal meth or ice in Canberra, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“The proliferation and use of ice is having a huge impact in Australia and the ACT is not immune. The federal government recently announced a taskforce to deal with the drug and it’s time the ACT developed a comprehensive strategy to tackle ice in Canberra,” Mr Hanson said.

“Ice is destructive and has violent consequences. It doesn’t just destroy the lives of addicts but also impacts those around them, their families, friends and the entire community.

“We need a whole of government approach to this problem that is coordinated with both the federal and NSW governments and encompasses law reform, policing, treatment, rehabilitation, education, preventative measures and increased community awareness.

“I am calling on the ACT government to take a proactive approach to this increasing problem and advise the community what action is being taken to keep our community, and particularly Canberra’s youth safe from the scourge of ice,” Mr Hanson concluded.