Will Katy Gallagher Apologise For Election Lie About Hospital Walk-in Centre?

“What I won’t do if I’m Chief Minister after October 20, is close the nurse-led Walk-In Centre,”– Katy Gallagher July 31, 2012.

Today the Canberra Liberals will highlight the hypocrisy of ACT Labor’s decision to close the Walk-In Centre at the Canberra Hospital following a deceitful and dishonest scare campaign ahead of the 2012 ACT election. We’ll also be asking Katy Gallagher to apologise for lying to the Canberra community, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Today in the Assembly, the Canberra Liberals will highlight that the Chief Minister’s lie that ACT Labor would keep the Walk-In Centre open at the Canberra Hospital was nothing more than dirty electioneering during the 2012 campaign. Last month Labor revealed its true colours announcing the Centre’s closure,” Mr Hanson said.

“ACT Labor also ran a deceitful and dishonest scare campaign claiming that the Canberra Liberals would close the Walk-In Centre if elected in October 2012. In a press release the Chief Minister richly claimed:

“The contrast between us has never been clearer. The Labor Government has promised to expand the nurse led clinics…The Liberal Party wants to close them down,” – Katy Gallagher July 12, 2012.

“ACT Labor lied about the sensitive issue of the Walk-In Centre ahead of the 2012 election just to score political points. This back-flip will destroy the trust between ACT Labor and many Canberrans,” Mr Hanson concluded.