Will Meredith Hunter Be Katy’s Education Minister?

“…the Greens have some pretty extreme policies. For instance, withdrawing funding from the non government schools.”

– Katy Gallagher, 10th October 2008

With political circles rife with rumours that Katy Gallagher will appoint Meredith Hunter as Education Minister if re-elected, ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot is calling on the Chief Minister to rule this out.

Mr Doszpot said rumours of Ms Hunter being appointed to this position are concerning, and should be stamped out to give Canberrans the certainty they deserve about the education system.

“In October, Canberrans will face a very clear choice – a Labor/Greens Government, or a Liberal Government,” Mr Doszpot said.

“If ACT Labor were re-elected, they would almost certainly appoint a Green to Cabinet.

“To have Meredith Hunter or any other Green as Education Minister would be even worse than the incompetent Chris Bourke.

“The ACT Greens are openly hostile to non-government schools, and this attitude would be disastrous for the education sector.

“Given Katy Gallagher has openly stated that the Greens‟ education policy is ‘extreme’, it seems only logical for her to rule out that Meredith Hunter or any other Greens member would become Education Minister if she is re-elected.

“ACT Labor’s decision to give the Education portfolio to the least experienced MLA in the Assembly is a slap in the face to the sector.

“Katy Gallagher now needs to be absolutely clear before the election – if she is re-elected, will she rule out having a Greens Education Minister?” Mr Doszpot concluded.