Wrong priorities mean Canberra’s ED still worst in country

The Barr government’s obsession with light rail means Canberra’s public hospital emergency departments are still not getting the focus they need from Simon Corbell and are still the worst performing in the country, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Only 50 percent of patients in the ACT were seen on time in the urgent category according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s – Australian Hospitals 2013-14 at a glance report released today. Overall, across all triage categories, only 61 percent of patients were seen on time in the ACT. That’s well below the national average of 75 percent,” Mr Hanson said.

“Again, this is a very disappointing but unsurprising result for Canberra’s public hospitals given Simon Corbell shows little interest in fixing our health system. Mr Corbell is cutting 60 beds from the University of Canberra Public Hospital but is more than happy to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on light rail.

“His priorities and the priorities of the wider government are not in line with what most Canberrans want. When ACT Labor came into power, we had among the best performing hospitals in the country. That performance has deteriorated during the government’s tenure which included the data doctoring scandal of 2012.

“The Barr government is not up to running our health system. We continue to see report after report highlighting poor results caused by the government’s mismanagement. The Barr government is simply not interested in managing health,” Mr Hanson concluded.