Your choice will decide Canberra’s future

In just five weeks, Canberrans will make a choice that will determine the future of our city. That’s why the choice could not be more important. After years of increasing taxes and declining services, we need a fresh vision to take Canberra forward with lower taxes and better services. 

Canberrans pay world class taxes; they should receive world class services. Unfortunately, on so many fronts, Canberra is falling behind. Children are waiting four years to see a health specialist, we have the lowest maths and literacy outcomes in our schools, rates and rents are soaring, we have rapidly rising levels of homelessness and our tree canopy has been reduced. 

What motivates me and what motivates my team is helping everyone get ahead by making Canberra more affordable for everyone and delivering better services that families rely on. That’s why we have a positive vision for lower taxes and better services. It’s that vision and a fundamental belief that every Canberran matters and should be able to get ahead that drives the Canberra Liberals. That’s why our policies are focused on reducing pressures on Canberran and doing what we can to help them get ahead.  

That’s why the Canberra Liberal are committed to delivering real and practical measures that will future-proof our City, reduce pressures on families and local business and help more Canberrans get ahead. Over the coming weeks as we release our full suite of policies, we will prove that only a Canberra Liberals Government will deliver lower taxes and better services so everyone can get ahead.