I am a mother of two teenage children, and a passionate community leader who has dedicated her life to serving others.My parents were philanthropists and taught me that the needs of others must come before mine, and that service to others is the price I must pay for my humanity.

Having moved to Canberra from the United Kingdom at the age of 20, I have lived, worked and raised my children in Canberra. I understand the everyday struggles of families who have to juggle work and maintaining a home.

As a survivor of domestic and family violence, I have transformed my personal adversity into a driving force for change. I am committed to establishing healthy family units by being a strong advocate for reducing the impact of domestic violence and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

I am deeply committed to serving my community, particularly as a voice for the vulnerable. I provide practical solutions to issues facing members of my community, including accommodation in my home and financial assistance to people who are experiencing homelessness due to hardship or domestic and family violence. In 2022, I was nominated for the Australian of the Year, Local Hero ACT. This was in recognition of my service to our community.

As a solicitor and public servant, I have served in various roles ranging from criminal defence and family law to a senior legal office with the Attorney General’s Department, where I contributed to shaping legislation and policies aimed at protecting our children from harm. I have also contributed to policies aimed at safeguarding Australia's borders, maintaining our way of life, and upholding the integrity of our institutions, while a senior lawyer with the Department of Home Affairs.

As your local member, I will be fighting for:

  • Properly maintaining our suburbs including mowing the grass, fixing streetlights, safe and clean playgrounds, repairing footpaths and solving drainage issues.
  • Better housing affordability for individuals and families
  • Providing appropriate levels of funding for police to keep families safe
  • Building an educational system that prepares our children for the future, including upskilling our teachers and providing learning support
  • Funding activities that will encourage community participation and reduce social isolation in young people
  • Effective programs to tackle domestic and family violence and assist victims to recover from its effects

Outside of work, I enjoy spending with my children, and participating in lively activities like outdoor hiking, travelling, singing, and dancing!