You can't trust the Barr Government with your health system. #Canberra

Every week we are out in #Canberra Canberra with good news - the Canberra Liberals will end the rates rip-off.

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Quick survey: who did you vote for in the last Election?

Quick survey: who did you vote for in the last Election?

Hypocritical Greens have themselves to blame

The ACT Greens are largely responsible for the grievances being felt by so many Canberra commuters since the disastrous overhaul of the bus network, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said. “Their attempts to now lay blame and demand better services from Labor lack integrity and are an insult to every Canberra commuter who has struggled […] Read More

Statement on incident at Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

The Canberra Liberals worry about the safety and welfare of both staff and detainees at the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre. The ACT Government has serious questions to answer. Concerns about training raised this morning by the CPSU reflect concerns that I have raised over recent years regarding the provision of adequate training for staff who […] Read More

Patients at increased risk from surgery delays

More patients are at increased risk of harm because of continued delays to elective surgery, Acting Shadow Health Minister Nicole Lawder said. The number of people waiting longer than clinically recommended for elective surgery is expected to soar by 39.2 per cent, according to government documents obtained the Canberra Liberals under Freedom of Information laws. […] Read More