Darren Roberts here, your local Liberal candidate for Ginninderra. I’ve grown up and lived in Canberra over the last 50 years and I’m a father of 3. I’m running in this election because I am a passionate Canberran who’s tired of seeing this great city fall apart over 23 years of neglect and bad planning.

As a local, I will be working hard to fix the problems in Belconnen. As a father and husband, I understand the challenges we all face with the cost of living.

I want us to be proud of our city again, through big things like repairing our roads, down to simple things like getting the mowing program right. We need to focus on fixing the issues of housing supply and affordability, both public and private. And we need to seriously invest in rebuilding the mental health system.

Families in my area keep telling me that the government is tired and has lost focus. We don’t need vanity projects, we need genuine investment in our local utilities and basic services like education, health, and policing.

We need to diversify our economy and promote more tourism events in the ACT that draw people to our wonderful Nation’s Capital.

But, most importantly, to get there we need a better Government and that is the Canberra Liberals under the leadership of Elizabeth Lee.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs for a better Canberra and Belconnen.