Canberra Liberals release education vision for Canberra

Shadow Minister for Education Jeremy Hanson has released the Canberra Liberals’ education strategy for the ACT titled ‘Bringing out the Best in every child.’

The strategy details how the ACT Government is failing school children in the nation’s capital and outlines a vision for the future while calling for an independent review into the ACT school system.

Mr Hanson said while recognising the hard work and dedication of ACT Government School Teachers, our children have nonetheless fallen behind the rest of the country in critical education milestones especially literacy, numeracy, and science. These trends have been consistently reported by many highly regarded research institutions and assessment processes in the ACT, nationally and internationally.

The Canberra Liberals education strategy outlines a way ahead to make the improvements that are needed across the key areas of academic standards, equity, bullying and violence, school funding, and overcrowded schools with ageing infrastructure.

Download the full report.