I’ve lived in Tuggeranong for 34 years, finishing high school here and earning degrees in Economics and Commerce from the ANU. My career has been as an accountant and tax agent, running my own business helping people navigate increasingly complex tax laws. As a small businessman, I understand the importance of hard work, cutting red tape and managing budgets.

My whole family, from children starting school to retirees, lives in Tuggeranong so I’m personally invested in the success of our region. Together, we can make sure Tuggers residents start getting the first-class infrastructure and services that we deserve. That’s what I’ll fight for if you elect me in October.

I’d also like to:

  • Improve housing availability and affordability so everyone has a place to call home
  • Fix the budget so we don’t get crippled by Labor’s spiralling debt
  • Stop the expensive and slow stage 2B of light rail and restore our bus services
  • Fix our health system that’s been allowed to fall into crisis
  • Improve literacy and numeracy in our schools so kids aren’t left behind

Please reach out to me if there’s anything I can help you with or you know about issues of which I should be aware.