​Government’s plan to ‘lean’ on employers to fix ailing transport system unrealistic


Shadow Minister for Transport Mark Parton has labelled the government’s plan to ‘lean’ on Canberra’s major employers to spread out peak-hour demands on public transport as ludicrous.

Mr Parton said the Labor-Greens Government want to increase Canberra’s low public transport patronage by asking businesses to be more flexible, effectively changing rosters and the times people come to work.

“The public transport system is there to support the city, support the community and support workplaces and businesses; not the other way around,” said Mr Parton.

“Workplaces aren’t there to prop up the public transport system and it’s ridiculous to believe that could ever the case.

“The other problem with this plan put forward by the Transport Minister is that cafes and restaurants in the city centre and other town centres provide services to workers.

“If everyone changes their work times, this will place unnecessary pressure on already struggling small businesses.

"The government recently voted against the Canberra liberals' motion to establish a Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council and contunually overlooks the needs ot Canberra's business community," Mr Parton concluded.