No meaningful progress on improving workplace culture in health


In the 800 days since the Review into the Workplace Culture within ACT Public Health Services was completed, the ACT Government is yet to make meaningful progress on improving the work culture in health.

Of the 20 recommendations from the Review, just five have been completed. Shadow Minister for Health Giulia Jones will today move a motion in the Legislative Assembly calling on the government to implement the remaining 15 recommendations within the next 200 days.

"The ACT public health system has suffered from a toxic workplace culture for too long and our health staff deserve better,” Mrs Jones said.

“800 days since the independent review, it’s about time the government produced some evidence that something is changing for staff on the ground.

“Health staff who are providing high quality care, despite bullying and a difficult culture, deserve more respect than they are currently getting from the Labor-Greens government.

“Canberra has the most dedicated health workforce in the nation. In 2018, only after months of campaigning by the opposition, health staff and stakeholders did the government act by reluctantly agreeing to this independent review.

“800 days later, just five of the 20 recommendations have been completed and that simply is not good enough. The government needs to get on with implementing the other recommendations over the next 200 days.

“Surely by 1,000 days all of these recommendations could be implemented,” Mrs Jones concluded.